What I Do


For personalized and dedicated legal assistance, contact Advocate Abhijeet A Kulkarni, a trusted name in the legal fraternity.

Divorce & Separation

Compassionate legal support for individuals navigating divorce and separation proceedings.

Grandparent Rights

Advocacy for grandparents seeking legal rights and access to their grandchildren.

Child Custody

Expert representation in matters related to child custody, ensuring the best interests of the child.

Domestic Violence

Legal assistance and protection for victims of domestic violence.

Legal Services in Criminal

Criminal defense services, ensuring a robust legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges.

Adoption & Surrogacy

Legal guidance and support in adoption and surrogacy processes, ensuring a smooth and lawful experience.

Property Settlements

Assistance in property-related matters, including settlements, conveyance deeds, and redevelopment of housing societies.

Writ Petitions

Drafting and filing writ petitions, representing clients in matters of constitutional importance.

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